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TAC-Scan has been developed RL Automotive in 2011. TAC-Scan was essential equipment for all Formula One teams during the period of grooved tyres. It is also used by tyre manufacturers for tyre development In F1 the TAC-Scan’s unique technology has allowed accurate predictions of tyre wear to within one lap in all conditions.

In a single scan the laser captures a full profile of any tyre and an integrated handset displays a 2D outline of the tyre to the user. Unique software shows and records this image and enables a printed report of the exact state of the scanned tyres’ tread and wear, thus improving tyre management and fuel efficiency. Easy to use software has also been developed for a larger fleet model of the TAC-Scan for efficient, accurate management of large commercial fleets and multiple axle vehicles.

The laser-based TAC-Scan is patented worldwide and takes 600 tread depth readings across the face of a tyre in five seconds.

For fleet managers the equipment allows them to collect and upload tread and pressure data easily, quickly and efficiently. The software suite allows them to produce individual vehicle reports as well as fleet audit reports. This gives them a major advantage when trying to reduce fuel consumption and tyre expenditure. For inspectors and auditors the equipment can dramatically reduce inspection time, produce very accurate readings and provide comprehensive action reports at the touch of a button.

It is important to understand the relationship between tyre condition (pressure and tread) and fuel consumption – there have been many reports and studies that conclude that for around 10 per cent under-inflation, an additional 3 – 5 per cent of fuel is consumed and for a misalignment of just 2.5 degrees, an extra 16 per cent is added to the fuel bill. RL Automotive’s argument is that for tyre shops and alignment specialists, the benefits of proprietary software give them a powerful marketing tool. Instead of the lengthy process of alignment in order to check if an alignment is necessary, a “free” check can be offered using our TAC-Scan machine which will take about one minute to complete with a further minute to produce and print the ‘Tyre Wear and Alignment Analysis’ to show the customer and which will highlight the areas of tyre wear that may cause concern.