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Five reasons to rely on AutoTrust

1 – Show real-time visibility of every tyre in your fleet

AutoTrust unites continuous tyre monitoring, formula 1 style telematics and powerful artificial intelligence. It can be quickly deployed to every tyre already fitted to your vehicles and trailers. You do not need to buy new tyres or run a single brand policy.

AutoTrust will provide constant and real-time visibility of every tyre, over every mile of every journey. With the power to detect any problems from the very start before the issue can build. It is easy to use and proven to drive fleet efficiency.

2Maximise vehicle uptime

Better vehicle availability and fewer roadside breakdowns

AutoTrust ensures the best vehicle and trailer availability every day. Our connected tyre technology will instantly advise any tyre issues that could affect operation. Everyday problems from low tyre pressure, to continuous slow pressure loss and mechanical issues. This visibility will enable safe and timely repairs in scheduled downtime.

This approach prevents 95% of roadside tyre breakdowns compared to pre-installation statistics. With those problems we cannot control, AutoTrust facilitates rapid and coordinated action to get the vehicle or trailer back into operation quickly.

3 – Reduce fuel, tyre and maintenance costs

Every tyre will naturally leak air through the casing over time. With AutoTrust you benefit from visibility of the precise tyres that need pressure correction. As well as those that do not. We call this ‘digital servicing by exception’. Saving your maintenance team the time-consuming task of carefully checking every tyre. With the commercial benefit of reducing fuel consumption and maximising tyre service life.

Whilst our artificial intelligence will provide early identification of all tyre related issues. Early visibility of the problem will enable safe and timely repair in scheduled downtime. Preventing the tyre from being damaged beyond the limits of repair. Ensuring they achieve the longest service life to drive value into your tyre budget. As well as stopping the issue from escalating into a costly roadside breakdown.

Use less fuel. Buy fewer tyres. Optimise your maintenance to gain best value. TyreWatch is smart technology that will help your fleet thrive.

4Improve road safety for everyone

Incidents of tyre damage on the open road remain a fact of life. AutoTrust will immediately communicate a Red Critical Stop Alert so the driver can stop whilst still in full control of the vehicle. With ample time to choose a safe location away from fast-moving traffic. Preventing the tyre from overheating and starting to break up, or even blow out with potentially disastrous results..

Should the pressure loss be slow the vehicle can safely continue its journey under our continuous protective watch. Visibility of the problem will enable safe and timely repair in scheduled downtime. Left unidentified, this could have resulted in tomorrow’s dangerous tyre failure.

5 – Lower environmental impact

AutoTrust works to ensure your fleet consistently operates with the correct tyre pressures. This significantly reduces fuel consumption and lowers carbon emissions through optimising rolling resistance. Additionally, this will reduce friction preventing excessive and premature tread wear – minimising particulate emissions (PM2.5) and microplastic tyre debris.

Should AutoTrust detect rapid pressure loss or high temperature it immediately communicates a Red Critical Stop Alert. This early intervention prevents tyres from being damaged beyond the limits of repair. Extending service life and reducing the need for more tyres to be manufactured.

Connecting tyres and wheels for smarter working