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EU vehicle emissions

In the EU passenger cars and vans (‘light commercial vehicles’) are respectively responsible for around 12% and 2.5% of total EU emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the main greenhouse gas. On 1 January 2020, Regulation (EU) 2019/631 entered into force, setting CO2 emission performance standards for… Read More »EU vehicle emissions

Euro 7 proposals

In October 2023 the Environment Committee of the EU adopted its proposals to lower pollutant emissions and set battery durability requirements for passenger cars, vans, buses and trucks. The Commission has proposed more stringent air pollutant emissions standards for combustion-engine vehicles, regardless of the fuel… Read More »Euro 7 proposals

Wheel Loss

Wheel loss in commercial vehicles is very rare but can have catastrophic consequences. Investigation has shown that the majority of cases are caused by one of the following errors: Over tightening of fixings This causes excess stress in the studs, nuts and other components –… Read More »Wheel Loss

May 2023

RL Automotive’s businesses provide emission reducing products & services to the Automotive Sector. We have recently started an InnovateUK Circular Economy Feasibility Study to create a process for collection and recycling of Tyre Pressure (TPMS) sensors.  Annually, 20m units (with Li-Ion batteries inside their sealed… Read More »May 2023