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Data Confidence & Cyber protection

In transport and logistics, data analytics is increasingly relied on for making critical decisions. From today’s connected vehicles – fleet managers expect to receive accurate and continuous data. But how do they identify whether telematic data flow has suffered an adversarial cyber-attack? or the vehicle’s sensors are malfunctioning? We are developing AutoTrust – a cloud-based data analytics tool that has been designed to check the data quality from any connected vehicle and provide an assessment as to whether there has been cyber-attack interference or whether some sensors are reporting inaccurate information. AutoTrust uses the union of continuous monitoring enabled by the integrated 5G and SatCom connectivity and powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver a confidence rating on vehicle dataflow.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) are used widely in the automotive industry. They include Temperature and Pressure sensors tracking tyres conditions on roads. These sensors are installed by large fleets to identify underperforming tyres. Once an alert is triggered, fleet managers can schedule corrective or preventative maintenance. This can reduce vehicle downtime leading to an efficiently operating fleet.

TPMS sensors operate in a harsh environment and can therefore malfunction leading to a drop in data quality. Fleet management platforms can also experience interference in the form of adversarial attacks. AutoTrust addresses these issues by providing data quality metrics to fleet managers for more insightful decision making.